Expressions of Louis J.

It’s funny how unsuspecting everything is, 

nothing is seen, nothing is anticipated. 

Through these twisted corridors, that hold nothing but dust.

What lays ahead with each tread?

Each day spent only to be washed away in a blink. 

recorded a quick lil folk song tonight. Let me know what you think, not sure if i like it or not just yet.

I always dispised my lovers eyes.

I was drowned within the misconception,

that love never fails without question. 

but within this slight delight of soul deception, 

I’d forgot my heart’s warped perception. 

And with every beat my heart sank deep,

thinking I’d survived, my dreamless sleep. 

All I’d wanted was someone to hold, 

But life called my bluff, to death I fold.

Waiting for you to answer my call,

that I would never expect, 

but would always accept.

l’ll just lay here waiting.

friction in the air

What if I have been just living an illusion?

A smoke screen of everything I thought I had achieved.

I’ve held onto nothing for so long, burning my fingers from its friction.

It’s time to Let go.

Every day

Chest heavy

I can’t think

I can’t breathe,

Is this going to be my fate?

An eternity of wavering faith.

One foot in, one foot out.

To love one or the other.

My Kingdom will fall,

With my hazed mind trapped beneath the rubble.



Hi all!
This is the tumblr to a new podcast called ‘all seriousness aside’ hosted by Louis fielding ( and Myles Evans.
This show takes current events, news and anything we find interesting and attempt to be funny.

to get this really…

Oi! do it you wont regret it, or you will i dunno.

He raised his glass, toasted to life.
And drank regret 

all these plans

I know the plans you have made

and all the walls I built to hide from the pain, from all the things I’d told myself.

But you are greater, your stronger,

With every fall, you picked me u,
brushed my coat and took me in.
You should have left me outside to be dirty and cold.

that’s what anyone would do? 

But you’re not like anything I have ever experienced. 
The emptiness had consumed me,
It was slowly eating fragments of my soul.
And you changed the glass on my windows.
and now,
all I see is light.

You are light
You are freedom.

I will never forget you,
as you never forgot me.

With each breath he took he exhaled bits of her away 

Crisp air.

I can’t change the weather, 

I can’t change you.

New season each day,

New price to pay.

my insolence will be the death,

this air, drying with each breathe. 

Crisp, flaked, like dry pieces of clay hardened on my skin. 

Please Lord wash me clean.  

I hated the fact that I was never there

To hold you in my arms,

to bandage all your cuts.

That self-inflicting harm

And every time I’d draw a breathe

A piece of me I’d exhale,

Because everything I was, was you

And there’s nothing I can change.

I always thought of myself as a person, who could help,

But how can I help when I can’t help myself?

I’d take the vile from your precious hands

And then drink every drop.

Not because I love you,

But because I’m not enough.

Everything that i had ever felt, was only but a mirage to the fact that everything i wanted was unattainable. 

As soon as i took the step into the nothingness i was left with everything i was walking from.

 I wanted love but i rejected it. 

I wanted acceptance but i denied it.

I wanted light but i chose darkness.

 I wanted a clear mind but I’m still left with this think haze,

 still dreaming I can have everything i ever wanted. 

The poem for us

We were born,
With the permanent temporality.
Yet somehow thinking we could escape,
This dream hazed reality.
And everything we used, to delay
Inevitably led to our decay.
As we sit there being ignorant of the day,
Where the sun won’t rise,
The sun won’t set,
The stars won’t shine,
And our minds forget.
With everything you ever lived for,
Revealed as it was,
And we realized,
Evading time is a lost cause